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A 34 Years Experieces Wooden Pallets and Bamboo Pallets Maker and Exporter

Pallets for brick making machines, pallets for block production,pallets for block curing,pallets for loading,all kinds of pallets for transportation and transshipment.

In the field of pallets R&D,manufacturing and exporting, continuous attempts and innovations, and production of brick pallets,Eco bamboo logistics pallets,loading pallets, transportation and transshipment pallets,that far exceed user expectations, are the goals of HONGFA. We are a leading Industrial Pallets and Commercial Pallets maker and exporter in China.

Hongfa -The Leading Manufacturer of Pallets for Brick Making Machines and Logistics Storage Pallets

34 Years History Manufacturer and Exporter of Wooden Pallets and Bamboo Pallets.

Our Main Products

Hongfa Produce and Export Super Quality Pine Wood Block Pallets,Bamboo Pallets,Eco Bamboo and Wooden Pallets for Goods Loading and Warehouse Logistics Industry.

Pallets for Brick Making Machines
Pine Wood Pallet
Steam curing pallet for cement block machinery
Bamboo Composite Pallet
Bamboo Pallet
Eco pure bamboo pallet for logistics storage and shipping
Bamboo Logistics Pallet

Manufacturer of Pallets for Brick Making Machines

Hongfa is a leading manufacturer of pallets for brick making machines in China since 1990.Hongfa Pallets are designed and produced for baking-free concrete block and solid brick production. The pallets can be used for cement brick and concrete block making machines, such as for holding and curing the finished cement blocks,pavers,curbstones,interlocking bricks,etc. Hongfa company mainly produce and export four kinds of pallets for brick making machines, such as ping wood pallet,bamboo composite pallet,pure bamboo pallet,bamboo PVC pallet and steam curing pallet.

Thanks to Hongfa’s continuous innovation process and strict technical requirements, Hongfa pallets for brick making machines have excellent performance in the production process of cement bricks. The pallets for brick making machines can not only adapt to various working environments, but also perform well under harsh working conditions and last for a long time. For example, the bamboo composite pallet,also is for brick making machines,which is made by high density bamboo materials and special glue,attached with rubber wood surface, under 1200 tons pressure and heat treatment,this kind of pallets can working on more than 100 degree and high humidity conditions,it is an ideal pallet for special block production line,such as steam curing cement blocks and bricks.

Eco Bamboo Pallets for Goods Loading,Storage,Logistics and Transshipment

100% bamboo materials,100% Eco friendly,Waterproof,Beautiful appearance,High compressive strength,High load-bearing performance,Super durable 

1100x1100mm 1250x1000mm 1200x800mm 1200x1000mm 1200x1100mm

And any Customized Sizes 

Single Layer

Static Loading: 1500 kg  Dynamic Loading: 6000 kg

Double Layer

Static Loading: 2500 kg  Dynamic Loading: 8000 kg

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Wooden Pallets for Goods Loading, Transportation, and Transshipment

Wooden pallets for industrial goods loading, transportation, and transshipment are among the main offerings of Hongfa Pallet Group. The company provides both standard and customized designs, including fumigated and non-fumigated pallets, export pallets, transshipment pallets, European standard pallets, and wood packing boxes.

Choose The Trustworthy Pallets Maker and Supplier of Wooden Pallet and Bamboo Pallet for Your Block Machines

The high-quality special pallets for brick machines not only have outstanding load-bearing capacity, but also do not deform, crack, and are durable. It is the best choice to ensure the stable quality of your cement bricks.

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Superior Quality for Extraordinary Performance,Winning Long-term Trust from Customers

Our Main Products


Bamboo Composite Pallet

The bamboo pallet is with multi-layer imported rubber wood surface.


100% Eco bamboo materials. Ideal options for goods loading,storage,transshipment and transportation.


Pine Wood Pallet

Male-female seam stitching and locking screws fastening, channel steel fixed at both ends.


Bamboo Pallet

Super high strength with 1.1g/m3 density and 2.0Mpa bonding strength.

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Hongfa brick machine pallet
Hongfa block machine pallet loading

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