About Us

About US

A 34 Years Experieces Pallets Manufacturer

Pallets for Brick Machines,Pallets for Cement Block Production,Eco Bamboo Pallets for Storage Logistics

In the field of developing and producing all kinds of pallets, continuous attempts and innovations, and production of goods loading pallets,logistics storage pallets and brick machine pallets that far exceed user expectations, are the goals of Hongfa. We are a leading eco pallets maker in China.

Hongfa Factory and Certificates

34 Years History Manufacturer and Exporter of Wooden Pallets and Bamboo Pallets.

Our Main Products

Hongfa Providing Super Quality Pine Wood Block Pallets,Bamboo Pallets for Your Brick Making Machines

Pallets for Brick Making Machines
Pine Wood Pallet
Steam curing pallet for cement block machinery
Bamboo Composite Pallet
Bamboo Pallet
Bamboo PVC Surface Pallet

A Leading Eco Bamboo Molded Pallets Manufacturer,We Supply 100% Natural Bamboo Materials Pallets for Goods Loading,Storage,Transshipment and Shipping.


Bamboo Pallets for Storage Logistics Business

Professionalism and Focus Create Perfection

Manufacturing Facilities of Pallets Maker and Supplier

Professional Pallets Maker and Supplier of Solid Pine Wood Pallets and Bamboo Composite Pallets

Global Customers of Hongfa Pallets

Superior Quality for Extraordinary Performance,Winning Long-term Trust from Customers