Bamboo Composite Pallet for Steam curing Bricks

Choose The Trustworthy Manufacturer of Wooden Pallet and Bamboo Pallet for Your Block Machines

The high-quality special pallets for brick machines not only have outstanding load-bearing capacity, but also do not deform, crack, and are durable. It is the best choice to ensure the stable quality of your cement bricks.

Hongfa Bamboo Composite Pallets: Revolutionizing the Industry of Steam Curing Brick Pallets

A New Type Pallet for Brick Steam Curing with the Latest Technology and Craftsmanship that you Can’t Miss

Wooden bamboo composite cement block pallet

Core Layer of the Pallet

Bamboo crushed sieve,bamboo powder, radial curtain,which is specially hot-pressed vertically and horizontally.

Surface of the Pallet

Hot-pressed with multi-layer imported rubber wood. Thickness of the rubber wood surface is 2-4mm.

Parameters of Hongfa Bamboo Composite Pallet

  1. Lumber moisture content:<10%
  2. Static bending strength: longitudinal > 90MPa; Transverse > 60MPa
  3. Modulus of elasticity: longitudinal > 9000MPa; Transverse > 6000MPa
  4. Surface abrasion resistance:<25mg/100r
  5. Temperature resistance: 100 degrees Celsius
  6. Density: 1.1g/cm3
  7. Service life: More than 8 Years

In the brick making industry, curing brick and block through steam is a crucial step to enhance brick quality. Selecting the right block machine pallet for steam curing is essential. Leveraging its robust R&D capabilities and refined production techniques, Hongfa Company has introduced an innovative bamboo composite pallet. This steam curing brick pallet boasts high hardness, durability, waterproofing, and heat resistance, all while being cost-effective. As a result, it has emerged as the preferred choice for brick factory customers worldwide.

The design of Hongfa bamboo composite pallets is unparalleled, reflecting the dedication and expertise of the Hongfa team. The pallet’s surface is crafted from hot-pressed multi-layer imported rubber wood with a density of 1.1, offering exceptional wear resistance even in prolonged, high-temperature conditions. Its unique design ensures the surface remains smooth even with frequent use.

The core layer of the pallet consists of specially hot-pressed bamboo (crushed bamboo powder, radial curtains) arranged vertically and horizontally. This innovative structure provides superior strength, with a static bending strength exceeding 90MPa longitudinally and 60MPa transversely. The elastic modulus surpasses 9000MPa longitudinally and 6000MPa transversely, enabling the pallet to stay flat and deformation-free when bearing heavy bricks. This makes it an ideal choice for producing load-bearing bricks and PC imitation stone bricks.

Moreover, Hongfa bamboo composite pallets excel in adhesive strength, boasting a bonding strength of 3.5Mpa that ensures long-term durability and stability. The surface can be sanded to maintain uniform thickness and enhance aesthetics.

In addition to performance, Hongfa bamboo composite pallets offer cost advantages compared to other steam curing pallets, enabling brick factory customers to balance cost efficiency with performance, thereby improving product quality.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, Hongfa Company provides a robust quality guarantee, instilling confidence in customers and demonstrating a strong commitment to product quality. Whether you operate a large brick factory or a smaller workshop, Hongfa bamboo composite pallets deliver reliable support to elevate your brick-making business.

In the competitive brick-making landscape, selecting the right pallet for steam curing is pivotal in enhancing quality, reducing costs, and boosting production efficiency. Hongfa bamboo composite pallets, with their outstanding performance, consistent quality, and competitive pricing, are poised to be your trusted partner in the brick-making journey. Choose Hongfa and embark on a prosperous future together!

Load Bearing Test

Professionalism and Technology to Achieve Excellent Products Beyond Imagination
Loading test of wood bamboo pallet
Pallet size:1400x1200x45mm

Load bearing test: 2400kg
Bending value of pallet:<2mm 

Load bearing test of wood bamboo pallet for block machine
Pallet size:1400x1200x40mm

Load bearing test: 1000kg
Bending value of pallet:<2mm 

Load bearing test of brick pallet
Pallet size:1020x800x35mm

Load bearing test: 880kg
Bending value of pallet:<1mm

Load Crushing Test

Load bearing test of bamboo pallet

High Temperature and High Humidity Test

  1. Temperature: 100 Degree Boiling Water
  2. Test duration: 48 Hours
  3. Results: No Deformation/No Water Absorption/No Glue Opening

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