Sustainable Bamboo Pallets: Durable Brick Production

bamboo composite pallets for brick production machine

Sustainable Bamboo Pallets: Durable Brick Production

Hongfa Pallet
March 22, 2024

In the cement brick manufacturing industry, steam curing is a critical step for improving the quality and efficiency of brick production. The choice of pallets is crucial in this process. Hongfa Company’s bamboo composite pallets are becoming the preferred choice in the industry with their excellent performance and cost-effectiveness.

High Hardness and Durability

The surface of bamboo composite pallets is made by hot pressing multiple layers of imported rubber wood to a density of 1.1, with a thickness controlled between 2-4mm. This design ensures the pallets have extreme wear resistance. In practical use, this means the pallets can withstand greater pressure and impact without easy damage. Compared to traditional pallets, the hardness and strength of bamboo composite pallets have been significantly enhanced, ensuring the quality of bricks during production and extending the service life of the pallets.

Strong in Both Directions, Flat and Undeformed

The core layer of bamboo composite pallets is made from bamboo material through a special hot pressing process, which gives the pallets exceptional strength in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. The longitudinal flexural strength can be greater than 90MPa, and the transverse can be greater than 60MPa, with elastic moduli of more than 9000MPa longitudinally and more than 6000MPa transversely. Such strength ensures that the pallets remain flat and do not deform even when supporting the weight of heavy bricks, which is particularly important for the production of high-end products like PC imitation stone bricks that require high standards for pallet flatness and strength.

High Glue Bond Strength, No Delamination

During the use of pallets, glue bond strength is an important factor. Hongfa’s bamboo composite pallets have a glue bond strength of 3.5Mpa, which far exceeds industry standards. This means that the pallets will not easily delaminate under any conditions, ensuring the continuity and stability of production. This is particularly important for brick factories that require long-term and high-intensity use.

Surface Treatment, Uniform Thickness

The surface of Hongfa bamboo composite pallets can be sanded to make it smoother, which helps improve the appearance quality of bricks. At the same time, the uniform thickness of the pallets is crucial for ensuring the consistency and precision of brick dimensions. This fine craftsmanship ensures that bamboo composite pallets provide stable and reliable support during the production process.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

In terms of cost, the manufacturing cost of Hongfa bamboo composite pallets is relatively low, mainly due to the renewability and environmental friendliness of bamboo material. Compared to other materials like metal pallets, bamboo composite pallets are more competitive in price. Moreover, due to their durability and high strength, the frequency of pallet replacement is greatly reduced, saving a significant amount on maintenance and replacement costs in the long run.

Hongfa bamboo composite pallets show great potential in the cement brick production industry with their advantages of high hardness, high strength, wear resistance, waterproof and heat resistance, and high cost-effectiveness. They not only improve the quality and efficiency of brick production but also reduce production costs, making them an ideal choice for modern brick factories. With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the future development of bamboo composite pallets is undoubtedly promising.

Hongfa’s bamboo composite pallets offer a durable, cost-effective solution for cement brick production, with high strength, flatness, and resistance to wear and delamination, aligning with eco-friendly trends.

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