Bamboo Pallet

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The high-quality special pallets for brick machines not only have outstanding load-bearing capacity, but also do not deform, crack, and are durable. It is the best choice to ensure the stable quality of your cement bricks.

Bamboo Pallet for Block Making Machine

Highest Standards

National standard: ≧1.0MPa    Hongfa Bamboo pallet:≧2.0MPa

The strength of Hongfa pallets is more than three times that of the national standard

Advanced Technology

Using all-bamboo curtains and bamboo strips as vertical and horizontal ribs ensures that the product’s internal structure is symmetrical and will not deform.

Special Techniques

Core layer of the pallet is bamboo particles,bamboo chips and glue,achieves more than 2.0MPa bonding strength.

Highest Density and Strength

Density: 1.1g/m3, the highest density in the industry. Pallet edges are full and seamless. Low water absorption.

Bamboo pallet for brick curing

Parameters of Hongfa Bamboo Pallet

  1. Density: 1100kg/m3
    Bending Strength:more than 62 N/mm ²
  2. Flexural Modulus: more than 4×10³Mpa
  3. Impact Strength:more than 80 KJ/m²
  4. Water Absorption: less than 5%
  5. Surface wear: less than 0.05g/100r
  6. Applied Temperature: ≤50 Degree
  7. Applied Humidity:≤80%
  8. Service Life: More than 6 years

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