Bamboo PVC Surface Pallet

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The high-quality special pallets for brick machines not only have outstanding load-bearing capacity, but also do not deform, crack, and are durable. It is the best choice to ensure the stable quality of your cement bricks.

low price bamboo pvc pallet for brick machine

Bamboo PVC Surface Pallet

This is a new type of pallet developed and produced by Hongfa’s technical team. Based on Hongfa’s high-quality bamboo pallets, it adopts unique technology and uses special PVC material as the surface layer of the pallet. After 7 years of customer application, the bamboo PVC surface pallet has been proven that the quality of this pallet is very good and worthy of the trust of customers at home and abroad.

Parameter of Hongfa Bamboo PVC Pallet

  1. The core of the pallet: bamboo particles and bamboo slices with high-class glue.
  2. .Pallet surface: 2mm PVC, no plastic surface falls off, and the wear resistance is equivalent to that of pure PVC pallets.
  3. Surface treatment: Flat and Smooth. Sanding treatment(Upon required)
  4. Water absorption rate: <4%
  5. Surface abrasion resistance:<50mg/100r
  6. Bonding strength: >2.0Mpa
  7. Impact strength: >40kj/mm2
  8. Density: 1.2g/cm3

Give Yourself a Chance to Choose a GOOD pallet!

The new generation of “high-strength bamboo PVC pallet” integrates the advantages of PVC board and bamboo plywood, while avoiding the shortcomings of PVC board and bamboo plywood pallet, completely solving your worries!
Hongfa Bamboo PVC Pallet not only avoids the shortcomings of bamboo plywood and PVC pallet, but also combines the advantages of these two pallets. The price is more than 10% lower than that of ordinary PVC pallet, and its durability is better than that of PVC board.

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Bamboo plastic board for brick machinery

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