Eco Bamboo Pallets

Eco Bamboo Pallets for Goods Loading,Storage,Logistics and Transshipment

Hongfa develop,produce and export bamboo pallets for Storage Logistics,Loading Pallets Used 100% bamboo materials,Waterproof,Beautiful appearance,High compressive strength,High load-bearing performance,Super durable.

Eco bamboo pallets for logistics and storage

HONGFA Eco Bamboo Pallets

Product name: Eco Bamboo Logistics Pallet
Material: 100% Bamboo Materials
Designs and Sizes: Standard Sizes and Customized Designs
Loading Capacity

Dynamic: 2000kg-3000kg Static: 6000kg-8000kg

Pallet Style: Four Sides / Two Sides / Single Side

Advantages: 100% Eco,100% Natural Bamboo

Package: Naked / Film Wrapping
Lead Time: 15-20 Working Days ( Depends on the ordered quantity)

Eco press bamboo pallet

Regular Bamboo Pallet Sizes:

1100×1100 mm    

1200×800 mm

1200×1000 mm  

1250×1000 mm

1300×1100 mm

Customized Sizes Available

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Loading,Delivery and Shipping

By offering fumigation-free, biodegradable, and compostable eco-pallets to the logistics industry and numerous factories, we are endeavoring to devise a viable solution that harmonizes environmental sustainability and economic development.

Eco Bamboo Pallets Display

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Hongfa Eco Bamboo Pallets: Excellent Quality, Durable Usage

Molded bamboo pallets are made of 100% natural bamboo materials as the main raw material, mixed with adhesive, and then made by molding technology under specific temperature and pressure.


During the production process of the pallet, bamboo materials is mixed with adhesive and placed in a special metal mold. Under heating and pressure, the molded material fills the mold cavity and finally solidifies and forms.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Using bamboo materials as raw material helps to save forest resources and effectively utilize bamboo processing waste. Bamboo, as a fast-growing natural material, can regenerate faster and reduce the demand for traditional wood resources.

Lightweight and tough:

The lightweight and tough characteristics of bamboo make bamboo molded pallets more convenient during transportation and handling.

Antibacterial and antiseptic: Bamboo contains natural antibacterial ingredients that can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, reducing the risk of contamination and the possibility of bacterial transmission.


Bamboo is a degradable material. When the pallet reaches the end of its life, it can return to nature through the natural decomposition process.

Other advantages: such as free fumigation for export, strong rigidity, high hardness, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, wide application area, etc.

Production process

After the bamboo material is mixed with the adhesive, it is molded through a specific production line and mold.

Molded pallet production equipment, such as the bamboo plastic pallet molding hydraulic press, is a three-beam four-column structure, and the molding process is completed by up and down pressing actions.

Main parameters and specifications

The main parameters include length, width, height, rated load, maximum stacking layer number, deflection, surface anti-slip coefficient, etc.

Bamboo pallets can be flexibly made into pallets of various specifications and sizes according to the requirements of use.

Development trend:

Bamboo pallets, with their environmental protection, sustainability, light weight and toughness, represent the overall development trend of new pallets in the future. In areas where the per capita forest area is low and bamboo forest resources are abundant, replacing wooden pallets with bamboo pallets is a good choice that benefits the country and the people.