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Hongfa Providing Super Quality Pine Wood Block Pallets,Bamboo Pallets for Any Brick Making Machines and Logistics Storage Business

Bamboo Composite Pallet

The bamboo pallet is with multi-layer imported rubber wood surface.


Eco Bamboo Pallet

The Eco Bamboo Pallet is 100% made of bamboo materials.New choice for logistics storage.


Pine Wood Pallet

Male-female seam stitching and locking screws fastening, channel steel fixed at both ends.


Bamboo Pallet

Super high strength with 1.1g/m3 density and 2.0Mpa bonding strength.

Pallets for Brick Making Machines
Pine Wood Pallet
Steam curing pallet for cement block machinery
Bamboo Composite Pallet
Bamboo Pallet
Bamboo PVC Surface Pallet

Bamboo Composite Pallet

A New Type Pallet with the Latest Technology and Craftsmanship that you Can’t Miss

Wooden bamboo composite cement block pallet

Core Layer of the Pallet

Bamboo crushed sieve,bamboo powder, radial curtain,which is specially hot-pressed vertically and horizontally.

Surface of the Pallet

Hot-pressed with multi-layer imported rubber wood. Thickness of the rubber wood surface is 2-4mm.

Parameters of Hongfa Bamboo Composite Pallet

  1. Lumber moisture content:<10%
  2. Static bending strength: longitudinal > 90MPa; Transverse > 60MPa
  3. Modulus of elasticity: longitudinal > 9000MPa; Transverse > 6000MPa
  4. Surface abrasion resistance:<25mg/100r
  5. Temperature resistance: 100 degrees Celsius
  6. Density: 1.1g/cm3
  7. Service life: More than 8 Years

Load Bearing Test

Professionalism and Technology to Achieve Excellent Products Beyond Imagination

Loading test of wood bamboo pallet
Pallet size:1400x1200x45mm

Load bearing test: 2400kg
Bending value of pallet:<2mm 

Load bearing test of wood bamboo pallet for block machine
Pallet size:1400x1200x40mm

Load bearing test: 1000kg
Bending value of pallet:<2mm 

Load bearing test of brick pallet
Pallet size:1020x800x35mm

Load bearing test: 880kg
Bending value of pallet:<1mm

Load Crushing Test

Load bearing test of bamboo pallet

High Temperature and High Humidity Test

  1. Temperature: 100 Degree Boiling Water
  2. Test duration: 48 Hours
  3. Results: No Deformation/No Water Absorption/No Glue Opening

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Our Global Clients of Hongfa Bamboo Composite Pallet

Pine Wood Pallets for Brick Making Machines

Manufacturer of wooden pallet for brick making machine

Technical Parameters

  1. Materials: Grade A origin solid pine wood boards.
  2. Manufacturing process: Special drying treatment, Prevents deformation, Reduces swelling and Contraction.
  3. Between the lath of the pallets adopts a male-female seam stitching and locking screws fastening (12mm), and channel steel (1.5mm) fixed at both ends and steel sheet covering four corners.
  4. Lumber moisture content: Less than 18%
  5. The static bending strength of the pallets(Longitudinal): More than 39MPa
  6. Temperature resistance: Under 80 degrees Celsius
  7. Density: 0.55g/cm3

Feature One

Q235 double-headed bolt threading and locking.

Feature Two

C type anti-oxidation hot-dip galvanized steel covering two ends.(Standard type)

Feature Three

Grade A pine wood boards spliced with male and female grooves.

Pine wood pallet with steel band covers

Feature Four

Anti-oxidation hot-dip galvanized steel lining protects the corners.(Customized Type)

Hongfa pine wood pallet design drawing

Pine Wood Pallet Finished Product Display

Bamboo Pallet for Block Making Machine

Highest Standards

National standard: ≧1.0MPa    Hongfa Bamboo pallet:≧2.0MPa

The strength of Hongfa pallets is more than three times that of the national standard

Advanced Technology

Using all-bamboo curtains and bamboo strips as vertical and horizontal ribs ensures that the product’s internal structure is symmetrical and will not deform.

Special Techniques

Core layer of the pallet is bamboo particles,bamboo chips and glue,achieves more than 2.0MPa bonding strength.

Highest Density and Strength

Density: 1.1g/m3, the highest density in the industry. Pallet edges are full and seamless. Low water absorption.

Bamboo pallet for brick curing

Parameters of Hongfa Bamboo Pallet

  1. Density: 1100kg/m3
    Bending Strength:more than 62 N/mm ²
  2. Flexural Modulus: more than 4×10³Mpa
  3. Impact Strength:more than 80 KJ/m²
  4. Water Absorption: less than 5%
  5. Surface wear: less than 0.05g/100r
  6. Applied Temperature: ≤50 Degree
  7. Applied Humidity:≤80%
  8. Service Life: More than 6 years

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Bamboo PVC Surface Pallet for Brick Machine

low price bamboo pvc pallet for brick machine

Bamboo PVC Surface Pallet

This is a new type of pallet developed and produced by Hongfa’s technical team. Based on Hongfa’s high-quality bamboo pallets, it adopts unique technology and uses special PVC material as the surface layer of the pallet. After 7 years of customer application, the bamboo PVC surface pallet has been proven that the quality of this pallet is very good and worthy of the trust of customers at home and abroad.

Parameter of Hongfa Bamboo PVC Pallet

  1. The core of the pallet: bamboo particles and bamboo slices with high-class glue.
  2. .Pallet surface: 2mm PVC, no plastic surface falls off, and the wear resistance is equivalent to that of pure PVC pallets.
  3. Surface treatment: Flat and Smooth. Sanding treatment(Upon required)
  4. Water absorption rate: <4%
  5. Surface abrasion resistance:<50mg/100r
  6. Bonding strength: >2.0Mpa
  7. Impact strength: >40kj/mm2
  8. Density: 1.2g/cm3

Give Yourself a Chance to Choose a GOOD pallet!

The new generation of “high-strength bamboo PVC pallet” integrates the advantages of PVC board and bamboo plywood, while avoiding the shortcomings of PVC board and bamboo plywood pallet, completely solving your worries!
Hongfa Bamboo PVC Pallet not only avoids the shortcomings of bamboo plywood and PVC pallet, but also combines the advantages of these two pallets. The price is more than 10% lower than that of ordinary PVC pallet, and its durability is better than that of PVC board.

Decades Of Focus On The R&D and Manufacturing Of Bamboo Pallets
Only Providing Customers With Better Pallets

Plastic bamboo board for cement block production
Bamboo plastic board for cement brick machine
Bamboo plastic surface board for block
Bamboo plastic board for brick machinery

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Our Global Clients of Hongfa Bamboo Pallet

Choose The Trustworthy Logistics Storage Bamboo Pallets Now

The high-quality special bamboo pallets for goods loading,storage,transportation and transshipment. 100% natural bamboo materials pallets. 100% Eco. Export without fumigation, strong rigidity, high hardness, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, wide application area.

Eco bamboo pallets for logistics and storage
100% Eco Bambboo Materials

HONGFA Eco Bamboo Pallets

Product name: Eco Bamboo Logistics Pallet
Material: 100% Bamboo Materials
Designs and Sizes: Standard Sizes and Customized Designs
Loading Capacity

Dynamic: 2000kg-3000kg Static: 6000kg-8000kg

Pallet Style: Four Sides / Two Sides / Single Side

Advantages: 100% Eco,100% Natural Bamboo

Package: Naked / Film Wrapping
Lead Time: 15-20 Working Days ( Depends on the ordered quantity)

Eco press bamboo pallet
Eco Bamboo Pallets for Storage Logistics

Regular Bamboo Pallet Sizes:

1100×1100 mm    

1200×800 mm

1200×1000 mm  

1250×1000 mm

1300×1100 mm

Customized Sizes Available

Eco Bamboo Pallets Display

Professionalism and Focus Create Perfection