Pine Wood Pallet

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The high-quality special pallets for brick machines not only have outstanding load-bearing capacity, but also do not deform, crack, and are durable. It is the best choice to ensure the stable quality of your cement bricks.

Manufacturer of wooden pallet for brick making machine

Technical Parameters of Hongfa Pine Wood Pallet

  1. Materials: Grade A origin solid pine wood boards.
  2. Manufacturing process: Special drying treatment, Prevents deformation, Reduces swelling and Contraction.
  3. Between the lath of the pallets adopts a male-female seam stitching and locking screws fastening (12mm), and channel steel (1.5mm) fixed at both ends and steel sheet covering four corners.
  4. Lumber moisture content: Less than 18%
  5. The static bending strength of the pallets(Longitudinal): More than 39MPa
  6. Temperature resistance: Under 80 degrees Celsius
  7. Density: 0.55g/cm3

Feature One

Q235 double-headed bolt threading and locking.

Feature Two

C type anti-oxidation hot-dip galvanized steel covering two ends.(Standard type)

Feature Three

Grade A pine wood boards spliced with male and female grooves.

Pine wood pallet with steel band covers

Feature Four

Anti-oxidation hot-dip galvanized steel lining protects the corners.(Customized Type)

Hongfa pine wood pallet design drawing

Wooden Pallets Manufacturing Facilities

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Pine Wood Pallet Finished Product Display

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Hongfa Wooden Pallets: Excellent Quality, Durable Usage

Hongfa Company, a wooden pallet manufacturer with 34 years of experience, has always adhered to the ultimate pursuit of quality. We know that quality is the lifeline of an enterprise and the key to winning customer trust. Therefore, we use unique know-how and experience to ensure that every wooden pallet is of exceptional quality and durability.

At Hongfa, we produce premium wooden pallets that are not only of high quality but also reasonably priced. This is due to our strict selection of raw materials and exquisite production technology. Our wooden pallets are designed to withstand the challenges of long-term, high-pressure vibration production, with high stability and durability. This makes our products the first choice for cement brick production plants in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Our wood pallets are not only of exceptional quality, they are also versatile. Whether it’s brick machine pallets or other types of wood pallets, we have a quality product to suit your needs. Our products are not only suitable for the production of cement bricks of various specifications, but also meet the needs of other industries.

Choosing Hongfa means choosing quality and trust. Over the years, we have won the trust and praise of our customers with our high-quality products and professional services. We know that customer satisfaction is our greatest honor. Therefore, we will continue to be committed to providing better products and services to meet your needs and win your trust.

Hongfa wooden pallets represent excellent quality and are a durable choice. Let us work together to create a better future!